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    Understanding When You Need a Temporary Traffic Light Controller and How They Benefit Road Construction

    Road construction often requires builders to direct traffic in safe ways to ensure that nobody gets injured. Often, this process includes the use of temporary traffic light controller options that serve a purpose before they are removed. Understanding when these items are used, as well as a few different features of each, may give you a better understanding of how to use them on your road construction project.

    Times When Temporary Lights are Critical

    A temporary traffic light controller is something that you can rent or purchase for use in a variety of different construction projects. For example, if you have to take down a stop sign or a traffic sign before replacing it with a permanent one, these lights can be very beneficial as a temporary stop-gap until the permanent options are installed. However, there are other times when these lights are beneficial.

    For example, if you are working on a road that doesn’t have a stoplight but needs one temporarily while you are working on a project, you can buy or rent one of these traffic light controller options. It is important to reach out to city and state officials about this installation, though, to ensure that traffic doesn’t end up getting confused or backed up as a result of your new stoplight addition.

    And a traffic light controller can also be used to direct traffic onto various lanes and pathways, such as sending traffic away from a closed lane and to an open one. The benefits of these lights vary, then, based on why you need them and how you use them. And they are legal to use, as long as you understand how to set them up properly and hire a professional to handle their installation for you in a construction project.

    The Legality of Temporary Lights

    You may worry about temporary traffic lights because they may seem confusing or not legal to use. However, these lights are very legal to use as long as you follow the guidelines put in place by your city and state officials. The licensing of these lights will vary heavily based on a variety of factors, each of which is something that you can work out with the installer to keep them operating properly.

    First of all, temporary lights are designed to emulate the look and feel of permanent light fixtures. They operate on the same basic principles, such as displaying a blinking red light or different colored lights for traffic situations. They also integrate a myriad of different design elements, such as poles that keep them at the proper height, to ensure that they are legal for your area and safe to use.

    When renting a temporary traffic light controller for your construction project, the experts who install it will make sure to handle all of these legal needs. They know what height the light needs to be at for legal purposes and can also balance its location to keep it properly situated. They handle these needs for you to ensure that you don’t run into any complications that may ruin your construction project.

    Just as importantly, these experts can also make sure that you get the proper licensing and registration from your city or state officials when using a traffic light controller. The types that are used will vary depending on your location, but Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has pretty simple guidelines that don’t take too much work to understand. That said, it is still best to make sure that a professional handles that need for you to avoid any concerns.

    Finding the Best Temporary Lights

    When renting a temporary traffic light controller for your Cedar Rapids project, it is critical to take the time to understand the many features that these lights may possess. These fixtures are designed to be very easy to install and move and are created for customer simplicity and adaptability. As a result, they are often among the easiest part of your whole construction project to manage, especially with expert help.

    Many temporary lights can be set up on a stand that makes them easy to display. In many ways, they appear just the same as other types of traffic controllers but are in a slightly different position. Most are created to look either universally like a broad array of different light options or those that are more common in a district – such as if a city has decorative options that they prefer to use.

    Likewise, many of these lights have strong batteries that last a very long time when they are plugged into your light. Most of these 12-volt batteries are capable of providing light for up to 14 days at a time. That benefit is huge if you have a huge job that needs to be handled over a lengthy period. You can have backup batteries that you use to replace discharged ones to avoid running into delays with traffic.

    Each of these lights also has programmable options that allow you to create a traffic light controller that fits your unique needs. For example, there are up to 24 signals and five phases that you can use to produce a high-quality level of control for your area. These lights can be easily tweaked and programmed, as well, to give you the maximum level of control that you need for your area.

    Let Our Experts Guide You to Success

    If you need a traffic light controller in Cedar Rapids that is easy to control and simple to set up and take down during a road construction period, please contact us today at Advanced Traffic Control to learn more. Our experts have years of experience in this field and can provide you with the help that you need to create a high-quality level of safety for your town. And we can provide maintenance on the lights if they suffer from any malfunctions or stop running at any time during your construction project.

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