Advanced Traffic Control, Inc. is a traffic control and pavement marking contractor. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to help you complete a project of any size. We work with state agencies, local municipalities and private initiatives alike. Some of our services include installation of roadway work zones, traffic control equipment rental, permanent and temporary pavement markings, temporary barrier rail, and permanent street and highway signing.

    We are members of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA). Count on our years of experience and industry expertise for the hands-on service you need.


    Advanced Traffic Control is a great company to work with.  They are knowledgeable about what is needed and always willing to help out with issues.  They respond quickly and efficiently every time.

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    We have used Advanced Traffic Control on projects large and small. They always deliver great service in a timely and efficient manner. Their team is always going the extra mile to get the job done.

    Brian Doser

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    Advanced Traffic Control is dependable, reliable and has earned the trust of LL Pelling. The ATC team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service while being very adaptive to our hectic 24/7 schedules. Their honest, accountable, qualified personnel makes for a great partnership.

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    Navigating the roads of Iowa requires more than just a green light; it demands precision and adaptability. That’s where Advanced Traffic Control comes in. With our Temporary Traffic Signal Services, we’re your reliable partner for ensuring seamless traffic flow during construction, maintenance, or unexpected events. Count on us to keep your journey smooth and hassle-free, backed by our expertise in precision traffic management.

    Benefits of Temporary Traffic Signals

    Temporary traffic signals are a dynamic solution that brings an array of advantages to Iowa’s roadways:

    • Improved Traffic Flow – Temporary traffic signals strategically regulate vehicle movement, reducing congestion and ensuring smoother journeys for all.
    • Safety at Construction Sites – In construction zones, temporary traffic signals play a vital role in maintaining safety by directing traffic efficiently around work areas, safeguarding both workers and drivers.
    • Efficient Road Maintenance – During road maintenance projects, temporary signals ensure the flow of traffic is unhindered, minimizing disruptions for drivers and construction crews.

    Key Applications and Scenarios

    Temporary traffic signal services are versatile and invaluable across various scenarios:

    • Navigating Construction Zones – Temporary signals are essential in construction areas, efficiently managing the flow of vehicles to ensure safety for both workers and drivers.
    • Roadwork and Repairs – Whether it’s road repairs, resurfacing, or maintenance work, temporary signals streamline traffic control, preventing delays and maintaining a smooth flow.
    • Managing Special Events – Temporary signals prove invaluable during events and festivals, effectively directing traffic and enhancing pedestrian safety.
    • Emergency Situations – In emergencies, temporary signals guide traffic around incidents, enabling prompt response from emergency services.

    Customized Solutions for Iowa

    Our approach to temporary traffic signal services is tailored to Iowa’s specific conditions:

    • Regulatory Adherence – We understand the importance of complying with Iowa’s traffic regulations. Our temporary signal solutions are designed to align with local laws, ensuring full compliance.
    • Local Traffic Behavior – By understanding Iowa’s unique traffic behaviors, we develop temporary signal plans that effectively address the specific challenges presented by local drivers.

    Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

    Temporary traffic signals play a vital role in elevating road safety and efficiency:

    • Reduced Accident Risk – Controlled traffic flow through temporary signals contributes to a safer road environment, minimizing the risk of accidents.
    • Mitigated Congestion – Temporary signals prevent traffic bottlenecks, reducing congestion and creating a more seamless driving experience.
    • Clear Guidance – Temporary signals offer clear instructions to both drivers and pedestrians, enhancing overall road user safety.

    A Key Component

    Successful temporary traffic signal services rely on close collaboration:

    • Local Authority Coordination – We work closely with local authorities to ensure that our temporary signals adhere to regulations and address specific traffic management needs.
    • Professional Synergy – Our collaboration with traffic control professionals and construction teams ensures the smooth installation, operation, and removal of temporary signals.

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    In the pursuit of effective traffic management in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, temporary traffic signal services from Advanced Traffic Control stand as a beacon of expertise, innovation, and partnership. Our commitment to creating safer roads, optimizing traffic flow, and enhancing community well-being drives us forward. By harnessing cutting-edge solutions and working hand in hand with local authorities, we’re redefining the way traffic is managed for a smoother journey. Contact us today!

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      Advanced Traffic Control, Inc. is a full-service traffic control contractor. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to help you control traffic for a project of any size.