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    What Traffic Control Devices Do You Need to Keep Workers and Drivers Safe?

    When working on a road construction site, workers must be protected to avoid injuries that may threaten their lives and well being. And drivers must be protected from any issues that may occur if they aren’t adequately directed through these areas. Thankfully, traffic control devices in Cedar Rapids can help keep your site safe and avoid any issues. The following information will help educate you on various elements of traffic control, such as the temporary traffic control zones that must be put into place and the types of devices available to help you manage traffic as efficiently as possible.

    The Nature of Temporary Traffic Control Zones

    When you start working on a road construction job and need traffic control devices to keep everything working smoothly, you need to understand the nature of temporary traffic control zones. These zones are set up to protect both workers and drivers and include four different sub-zones:

    • Advanced warning area
    • Transition area
    • Activity area
    • Termination area

    The advanced warning area is a significant section that occurs before the lanes get merged through the transition area and the activity area. Throughout this zone, you’ll see many signs – stating things like “Road Construction for Next Five Miles” and “Traffic Shift Ahead,” with visual signals showing how the traffic is going to change when the transition area occurs. As a driver nears the construction zone, they start to enter into the transition area. It is here that traffic cones, barriers, and other items start coming up to direct traffic and causing the lanes to merge correctly.

    This area is designed to exist for a large section of the construction zone, meaning that you won’t see any road construction workers in this zone. However, as the road merges and the lane changes to a one-lane area, the activity area develops. The activity area is what you would expect – the zone where the work is being done. It is here that the barriers and traffic control devices will be the most concentrated. They are designed to ensure that drivers don’t get into areas that they shouldn’t and damage others as they ride. The termination area is like the transition area in reverse, moving traffic back out into normal lane usage. Once you understand these zones, it is critical to grasp the types of devices available for this situation.

    Finding Devices That Manage Traffic Control

    Traffic control devices come in many different types, each designed to serve a unique purpose. Many of them can be used in all of your traffic control zones, but some are more appropriate for use than others. By understanding when you can and should use these devices, you can produce a higher-quality safety level for your worksite that protects as many people as possible. And you can also make sure that you don’t put any devices in areas that aren’t safe for their use.

    For instance, Type I devices are designed to protect on-foot traffic and help in low-speed areas. These devices have one reflective surface and many types of stripes that make them easy to spot. Small and easy to install, they can be used around your site in various protective areas. You will probably use these more in your advanced warning area or the transition zone, as they don’t typically provide protective benefits but do redirect traffic in a smooth and streamlined manner.

    Likewise, you can use Type II and Type III devices in the activity zone and the termination zone.

    You are also likely to use several large arrow signs and other types of traffic control devices that direct traffic into the right lanes, various flags for your flagging crews, and much more. Flag crews are often a good option for two-way traffic but may be necessary for any construction situation. And you may also want to hire experts who can handle this flagging instead of doing it in-house. This process is critical because it can ensure that you don’t end up running into complications that may make your road construction less safe for everyone.

    How to Handle This Demand

    The significant benefits that Iowa City traffic control devices provide for your site make them essential if you want to keep your work zone protected from danger. Thankfully, there are many different devices that you can use and many companies that can help you. We at Advanced Traffic Control fully understand how to help your construction job and will do what we can to keep it safe via the use of various barriers, traffic control zones, and more. By working with us, you give yourself the best chance of managing any safety issue and protect the norm.

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      Advanced Traffic Control, Inc. is a full-service traffic control contractor. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to help you control traffic for a project of any size.