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    Barricade Rental: A Necessity for Holding Outdoor Concerts

    Holding high-quality concerts outdoors in Iowa City is an excellent way of showcasing a large number of different talents and can provide you with the chance to raise money and show off various bands in a fun and engaging way. However, you may run into some complications if your audience members get out of hand or try to do things they shouldn’t during a show. At this time, what you’ll need are high-quality barricade rental options to ensure that you don’t run into any issues with your performance and to keep your band members safe.

    Protecting Band Members

    When you’re holding an outdoor concert, there are places that you want your concertgoers to go and places where they are best kept away. For example, backstage areas are expressly set up for the bands, and their entourage and audience members should be kept away from these spots. However, many fans and even ordinary people may try to get backstage to annoy these band members without barricade rental help. These barriers can provide a surprising array of benefits that make them more than worth your investment.

    For example, you can put up temporary fences around your Cedar Rapids concert area, keeping prying eyes and curious people from getting back where the band members are relaxing, practicing, and enjoying themselves before a show. In this way, they can have a relaxing time getting ready for the show without worrying about a sudden influx of fans trying to get too close to them and causing a potential incident that may make the bands attempt to cancel their performance or go home instead of playing for you.

    Just as importantly, there may be very dedicated fans of individual band members who go beyond fandom and head straight towards the stage to bother the performers. Though this may be harmless and not dangerous for the band members, most don’t want to deal with this type of annoyance and would rather be alone before a show. So in this way, barrier rental protects your band members and keeps your reputation strong in the field by ensuring you don’t have to deal with annoying fans who want to bug your performers.

    Keeping Your Audience on the Move

    One of the most challenging parts of any concert is keeping your attendees from going to places they shouldn’t be going. For example, creating lines that make sense and move smoothly ensures that your audience members don’t get confused or cut each other. Without some kind of high-quality barrier rental, you are going to struggle because there will be a lot of people trying to get around each other, cutting in line, or trying to get places that they shouldn’t when attending your Iowa City concerts.

    Thankfully, considerable cement barriers can provide many benefits by directing your audience to go through a specific path when they come to your concerts. This pathway is often defined by elements like where people buy tickets to your event, how you want them to funnel into the show, and much more. You’ll also need these types of barriers to keep people from cutting around each other when leaving the event, creating a safe and controlled environment that will prevent as much injury as possible when your event is over.

    Just as importantly, these types of barriers create an intuitive sense of authority that makes them very hard to argue with when people come to your events. For example, many people will look at these barriers and feel intimidated by their size or stability, and feel uncomfortable jumping. Others may try to get around them only to find that this step is too hard. Even better, there’s a good chance that you can funnel people with your barriers in such a way that you can minimize your security presence and keep the concert fun and exhilarating.

    Protecting Against Infection

    Lastly, good barricade rental can protect your audience members from the danger of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic. While numbers of infected people are going up in the Cedar Rapids area, it is essential to take proper social distancing steps to avoid infection, keep your audience safe, and provide them with the help they need to prevent sickness. Try to set up barricades in such a way that your audience cannot get closer than six feet to each other to get the best possible protection for your needs.

    And make sure that you use other protection elements, such as limited lines, standing areas separated by barriers, and much more to keep everybody safe. In this situation, you’re going to want to create a path to the event area that is open but also controlled – your audience members should be far from each other but able to have a comfortable standing room that directs them where they need to go. This balance is a tough one to achieve and is something that you may need to work with your barricade experts to achieve appropriately.

    Once you finally get this set up for your show, though, you’ll find that your band members, audience members, and everybody else at the event are much safer and protected from the dangers of COVID. Just as importantly, you can use these types of barriers to meet any legal needs that the state or the city puts on you, ensuring that you don’t violate any codes and end up having to pay an excessive amount of money for not taking this problem as seriously as they want you to in your area.

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    As you can see, the best barricade rental in Iowa City can provide your concerts with a lot of protection and help in ways that other types of barriers cannot. So if you’re interested in this type of product and want to get the traffic control help that your outdoor events need to be safe, schedule a consultation at Advanced Traffic Control. Our experts have years of experience working with these types of barriers and will do what they can to ensure that you are satisfied with our products for years to come.

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