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    The Types of Traffic Barricades That You Can Use and the Best Times to Use Them on Your Projects

    Whenever you’re working on road construction, you need various types of traffic barricades to keep Cedar Rapids, Iowa, residents safe. Thankfully, there are a variety of different barricades that you can use for this process, each of which has many benefits to consider. The following barriers are the most common types that you can purchase, and each has many benefits that you need to consider before use.

    Type 1 Barricades – A Simple Option for Your Basic Needs

    Type 1 traffic barricades are one of the simplest types available for various types of traffic control needs. They are usually not the largest or strongest types on the market, but they have many purposes that make them more than useful for many kinds of situations. Understanding their overall size and general use may make them a good option for various traffic control situations.

    First of all, these types of barricades only have one reflective rail – meaning that they send backlight only on one of its sides. As a result, you need to put them up in such a way that this light bounces back towards the road. Usually, you want to angle them slightly to ensure that they can capture headlights and provide you with the type of safety protection that your site needs when you’re working.

    These barricades are also around 24 inches wide or so, depending on a few different aspects, and are orange and white with stripes that alternate at 45-degree angles. You’re mostly going to see these types of barricades for managing pedestrian traffic – such as if you are trying to keep walkers from getting onto the road – or on low-speed areas that don’t need a lot of protection to stay safe. They are usually less expensive, making them perfect for this situation.

    Type II Barricades – A Bit More Involved

    Type II traffic barricades are an upgrade from Type I used in slightly different road construction situations. Instead of one, they have two reflective rails that feature alternating orange and white stripes at 45-degree angles. This design ensures that they can capture the lightest possible and provide your workers and drivers with a higher protection level than the Type I barricades.

    Often. These barricades are about the same size and general shape as Type I barriers, meaning that they are usually easy to integrate into various circumstances. However, if needed, these barriers can also be more extensive to provide you with more protection in delicate areas that may be more dangerous. Some situations may call for a mix of different barrier types, so be prepared for that investment possibility.

    Typically, you’re going to find these types of barriers on expressways and higher-speed roads that may not be expressways. Their more visible nature – including the two reflective rails – makes them easier to integrate onto various construction sites. Make sure that you pay attention to how you place them to avoid any complications from improper barrier use on your job site.

    Type III Barricades – The Safest Type There Is

    Type III traffic barricades are an upgrade from Type II that are much larger – usually at least four feet wide or larger – and have three reflective panels with alternating orange and white stripes at 45-degree angles. Their overall look and design are similar to other types of barriers, but they are larger to make them more useful for many different traffic control situations and demands.

    For example, you will usually integrate these types of barriers for detours, as they capture the eye quite easily and direct traffic with no difficulty. You can also use them for road closings because they are harder to get around and ensure that traffic is appropriately handled. Often, this option is utilized with other types of barriers, as needed, to produce a very high-quality level of traffic control.

    Though these barriers may be a bit more expensive than other types, their larger size and more reflective panels make them an excellent option for many kinds of construction situations. Make sure to integrate a few of these into your budget if you plan on shutting down extensive areas of a road and want to make sure that you and your employees are protected from any danger from unsafe drivers.

    Other Options for Traffic Control

    Although most types of traffic barricades in Cedar Rapids are the kinds mentioned above, there are other options that you may use for traffic control. These options don’t fall within the types mentioned above but are often critical for many traffic management situations. The first of these is the A-frame barrier with a simple two-leg design that makes them easy to use in many scenarios.

    For example, each of these barriers has a two-sided reflective board that sends light off of headlights quite quickly to make them shiny and protective. You can set these up around more delicate areas of your construction site to keep away slower drivers and walkers. Usually, you’ll see these at concerts and other types of in-person events, though they are still useful for road construction scenarios, too.

    The last type of barrier you’re likely to see are traffic barrels – you have probably seen these are quite a large number of different construction sites and events. Traffic barrels are inexpensive and easy to put up and take down and produce real barrier benefits that make them more than worth your money. Set them up around other types of barriers for an increased level of road protection.

    Finding Proper Barricades at a Good Price

    The best traffic barricades Cedar Rapids has to offer can ensure that you protect your workers and your worksite from any danger. As a result, you need to make sure that you talk to us at Advanced Traffic Control right away to learn more about how we can help. Our experts have years of experience working in this field and will do what it takes to keep your site safe and protected from danger.

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